15 reasons why you need a business plan !

1.All talk!

A well-developed business plan demonstrates to everyone that one is serious.  Potential partners, investors, employees, and not least the entrepreneur consider tangible evidence as a sign of dedication and determination.

2.It leads to risk reduction

Writing a business plan involves careful consideration of the potential of the idea and possible alternatives.  Such as a feasibility study can prevent you bet on the wrong horse and unnecessary costs and wasted effort.

3.It Demonstrates market research

Without in-depth market knowledge the business or investor has no idea if the product or service is needed.  What is the size of the market?  Is there a growing market?  Are there likely to trend shifts?

4.It increases the knowledge about the competition

A business plan must have a thorough analysis of the direct and indirect competition.  It is essential to find their weaknesses and exploit.  A plan without a clear battle plan is not convincing.

5.It encourages research into customer needs

One of the key components of the business plan is of course the product being offered and whether it fits well with the needs of the customer.  What the customer wants, when he buys and how often?  Success depends on the answer to that question.

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How to secure a good tech professional?

If you think that techies are only persuaded by money, then you’re wrong: salary is only 16% of freelancers and 14% of permanent workers deciding factor for considering a new job. Even when we ask professionals what the main reason is to stay at an organization, the salary seems to be a decisive factor: But it’s not the only Factor. The Salary has to be reasonable but it’s the other factor’s that Tech Professionals are after.

The people

Most Tech Professionals feel out of place in a company. Simply put they are known as the “Others”, to put it mildly. So when tech professionals look at companies to work at, they look for likeminded people to work with. A place where they feel comfortable to be themselves.  They are not interested in companies where they have to change who they are and feel like they more a burden than a help to a company.

The challenge

Tech professionals want to feel challenged in their work environment and want to take on new task’s and challenges. They do not want to be burdened with the same mundane tasks month after month. They want to explore the capabilities of their problem solving skills and be part od something interesting and new.

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